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What is the Difference Between a Social Media Manager and Community Manager?

There is this notion that the function of a social media manager and community manager is almost the same and …

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5 Working from Home Pitfalls and how to avoid them

(By Syed Balkhi) In the past, working remotely was sort of taboo. People didn’t know what to think about this style …

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5 Necessary Skills you Need to Succeed in Freelancing (The Future of Work)

The world is changing faster than we know it. We’re in the very beginning stages of a massive technological and …

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How to Screen an Online Freelancing Client

When freelancers talk to prospective clients, they’re sometimes so eager to land the assignment that they skip a crucial step: …

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How to Calculate your Hourly Rate as an Online Service Provider (Freelancer)

One of the common question we get is “How much should we charge?” or “What should be my hourly rate”. …

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3 Different Approaches in Starting Your Online Jobs Career | Online Freelancing

You reading this blog post could possibly mean that you are interested and would like to know more on how …

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