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We are Inviting everyone who are interested about earning dollars online by doing online jobs for international clients to join our “Online Jobs Career Orientation” video training.

The purpose of this online jobs career orientation is to help, inform and educated filipinos on the realities of the online jobs career so that when they joined any seminars, trainings or events, they’re already armed with knowledge and information about this industry. At the end of this video training series that will last for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes, we hope that you can confidently answer the question, “Is Having an Online Jobs Career RIGHT for you”.

It’s a 6 part video series that will teach and discuss with you the following:

a) How the Online Jobs Industry Started
b) How much can you typically earn doing online jobs
c) The good and the bad about doing online jobs
d) The different types of Online Jobs that you can have
e) How to deal with client and their expectations
f) The general tools, equipments and applications you must have
g) Place where to find Online Jobs
h) How and where to receive payments

This is a comprehensive training series where we hope you will take advantage and reap the benefits. If you’re ready to begin and join this high-value and premium training brought to you for FREE by, go ahead and click “TAKE THIS COURSE” button on the side. See you on our first video. God bless!


Course Reviews

  1. newbie osp
    thank you for this, as I really want to work online. I have more knowledge now about online jobs, I will definitely follow all your advice’s here and do what is right to become a good and productive online service provider. More power to you.

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  2. It is indeed a very helpful guide to become an Online Service Provider yet I am just wondering where is the Part 7 of the video. Thanks a lot!

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  3. It’s informative. I learned a lot from the videos. Thanks a lot.

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  4. It’s very inspiring and informative ! thank you for sharing your knowledge ! More power and God Bless Coach!

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  5. Profile photo of Dulce Mates Dulce Mates says:

    Orientation Course Feedback
    Hi, this is Dulce. You made a very comprehensive and easy to understand lecture on the topic. I just wonder where the part 7 video is. I am a doctor and I am very interested in doing some online jobs on the side of my present career. I am definitely a newbie and not very well versed with social media and the new technology , but I still want to give it a try to do something much less stressful . Very good coach!

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  6. Orientation Course Feedback
    Hi, I enjoyed a lot in watching the videos and really learned a lot from it and got more interested to pursue mu=y online career job, but it is just that I felt sad looking forward for the 7th video as promised..

    Will there be a chance for me to watch and see the 7th video offered for free? Cause I can’t clicked the course done unless I saw the last video.

    Looking forward for your response on this message Coach Gen.

    Thank you very much and more power!

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  7. online jobs career orientation video
    i already watch it. but i though it composed of 7 video. yes i learn something about online jobs like diff. types of it. thank you forr free orientation

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  8. Online Jobs Career Orientation Done
    I downloaded and watch the 6 orientation videos, that was nice and exciting. I really want to work online. ^_^

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