With the continuous growth of the call center industry that will soon surpass the remittances our beloved OFWs brings to the country, the role played by the BPO industry has become a vital part of the growth of the Philippines economy. Many new graduates find refuge and first career break with these BPO companies. Unfortunately, as new blood comes in the company, the seasoned ones are leaving for a better life and career.

It is a known fact that BPO careers is really not a long-term career for many due to various health reason and disadvantages that comes with the job. The common challenge that these experienced ex-BPO workers have to overcome is how they will return to their previous industry since they’ve spent a good number of years working for these BPO companies. In most cases, they ended up going back to the same industry hoping that things will be better for them. Fortunately, the Online Jobs industry is a great alternative for many daring and entrepreneurial former BPO workers. In fact, many successful online workers nowadays have previous BPO experience and attribute their success in their experience and trainings in these big BPO companies.

For this reason, we at decided to conduct the “Digital Career Bootcamp: Online Customer Support Career Track” to help and guide people who have BPO experience on how to get started finding their first client online. This was held last November 26, 2016 at BSpot Business Center in Ortigas Ave, Quezon City. It was attended by 10 eager participants who have years of BPO experience under their belt. They would like to explore opportunities on how they can capitalize on their BPO experience to get started doing online work for international clients.

We’ve invited Ms. CJ Maturino-Cajoles, founder of the very successful online community called “Online Filipino Freelancers (OFF)” in Facebook, to be the lead trainer for this bootcamp. She have years of experience in BPO before taking a plunge in doing online freelance work for international clients and never looked back since then. She now work only 3 to 4 hours a day and earns a good amount of money, similar to the rates of Operations Managers in big BPO companies.

Coach Genesis Reonico on the other hand discussed where and how they utilize and package their skills and experience to land a job in, the online jobs marketplace partner of OJU. He highlighted key fact and advantages of using in finding clients. One key fact that was stressed during the discussion is the fact that the founder created to suit the filipino family. Another thing that many online workers missed is the fact that offers fulltime jobs and not just gigs or limited-hourly engagement. There are no Endo, Get access to benefits and most of all, gives the online worker the so-called “Work-Life Balance”.

Another item that Coach Genesis discussed is regarding the challenges of getting paid by the client. After talking to various individuals who wants to try their luck in landing a job online, coach genesis found out that one of their major concern is how to get paid without being scammed. Its a valid concern, but good thing is there to ensure that everything is in place and the money paid to the online workers are safe. It's a very secure and user-friendly service used by online workers to invoice their clients and receive payments from them. If you don’t have yet a Payoneer account, simply visit to get started.


We believe that in a few months and years from now, more and more people will be joining the online jobs industry, especially from those who have BPO experience. This really helps in improving the overall quality of service being delivered by Online Filipino Freelancers in the country, making pinoy freelancers even more in-demand by online business owners all over the world.


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December 28, 2016

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