What is the Difference Between a Social Media Manager and Community Manager?

Many people think that both roles are the same, but they are entirely different. On this article, we explain some of the key difference between the two so that you can properly present and position yourself to your potential clients.

There is this notion that the function of a social media manager and community manager is almost the same and can be inter-changed. But there is a big difference between the function, role and a typical day of the two. Although yes, you can be both at the same time, but the role, what each function do, what is its success measure are totally different. Here are some of the difference between the two:

“A Community Manager’s main function is to create a healthy environment for members to connect with each other and facilitate, strengthen, and encourage those relationships. Social Media Managers specialize creating a strong online presence for a brand by creating, distributing, and curating engaging content for an audience”, according to Suzi Nelson of the website. The definitions alone states that the two functions are totally different.

Let’s dig deep into what a community manager does on a day to day basis.

Community Manager Activities and Task:

Community managers functions as an advocate of the company. They interact with the members of their respective communities by representing the business or company on a personal level. They almost acts like the face of the business on the communities they handle and manage. But they’re not only for the company, but also for the members and customers of the company as well. Community managers also serves as the voice of the members and customers within the company as they are the ones who gets to hear the feedback and comments of the community members. By monitoring the conversation, they can provide feedback to the company how to best serve their customers.

Here are 7 of the many activities a community manager does:

    • Developing and maintaining community guidelines and policies
    • Adding and removing members from the community
    • Welcoming new members & Introducing community members to each other
    • Establishing community culture & Moderating community content
    • Providing customer support to community members
    • Hosting online and/or offline events for community members
    • Gathering testimonials and feedback produced in the community

Social Media Managers Activities and Task:

Since the main role of social media managers is to connect to customers and even potential customers, creating value for their target customers and existing members of the community is at the core of their functions and activities. Below are 3 of the many things a Social Media manager does:

Monitor and respond to customer services and reputation issues. This could mean doing some community manager’s function as well, or closely work with the community managers of the business.

Distribute and share valuable and engaging content to establish the brand and niche authority of the company of the business they represent.

Generates leads and sales using the strategies and processes developed for existing customers and prospects on the social media networks.

Although the listed items above are fewer compared to what we’ve listed for the community manager’s roles, the function of a social media manager is critical to the business as it is tightly connected to leads conversation and sales output for the company.

Tying the Knot Between the two functions

As stated earlier, there is a confusion or a blur line between the two roles in the minds of many people, especially online freelancers and business owners, since many online freelancers combine some of the functions of the two and this is what businesses thought the function will be. What we suggest is for you to try to separate this skill set when offering your services to clients. This way, you will be able to show your full value of being able to do 2 functions and possibly get a much higher service rate than the most.

The goal is this article is to give you an initial idea on what are the main difference of the two functions but should you wish to go deeper and learn more about the difference and functions of the two, you can read the full report by Suzi Nelson on the article she wrote about “Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager: Which Hire is Right for Your Business?”

So what do you think? Are you a Social media manager, Community Manager or Both? Leave your comments below. Dont forget to like this post and follow us in social media. Until next time, this is your Digital Career Coach, Genesis Reonico!

July 10, 2016

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